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1cases can be picked out, and then the incisions made would be
2A few words about differential diagnosis. The condition with
4will be found only in those cases in which the tumor lies under-
5in the amount of haemoglobin which progresses more or less regularly
6Dr. John H. Grant has moved from Albany to 202 W. 79th
7conditions may be found which have been favorable to its develop-
8ZACUTi Lufitani Opera i^edica. Lugduni. 1667. fol. 2 Vol.
9have rarely been undertaken. Lewy has made a considerable num-
10toms appear. There may be pain in the neck, and usually, tor-
11leukaemia in which the onset of the disease was marked by the clinical
14under the direction of the attending physician for cases deserving
15surroundings are entirely favorable, as in one instance which came
16All forms are extremely dangerous, the mortality being thus far no
17It is in no spirit of hostility to scientific and humanitarian *
18regulates gastro-intestinal secretions, and the rhythm of the move-
19Rigor mortis is generally poorly marked and rapid post-mortem de-
20greenish-yellow hue of the skin, will often be the most noticeable
21intra-abdominal maladies, especially where there is a history of
22mal. Not only is this excess of pigment more or less characteristic
23editor or practitioner, are always looking for "nice easy ways"
24indicated thereby, ibid. 282. vol vii. 440. Bad, when fixed on
25impair seriously the functional activity of the lung. They consist
26Has your boy been vaccinated — and revaccinated after five
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