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degenerative. This view is largely confirmed by the observations of
fixation by heat and by mixtures of absolute alcohol and ether.
cision and general anesthesia down to one and a half per cent.,
force in the separation of the corj)uscles from the plasma or serum
tract permit the suspicion of a gastrointestinal origin of the disease,
Still another possible source of streptococcus empyema is trauma;
with gonorrhoea, and Litten has recently called attention to the same
charge of leucocytes from the tissues of the body and lymphatic sys-
versation among the officers, but no one seems to know just where
i)entitioiZy vol. xiv. 467. Signs of its being at hand, or already
aminer to Dr. McClure's former position, at a salary of $1,200.
purulent cases are especially frequent, tributary to non-specific,
recent. The first case was that of a man aged 24, admitted on
the small intestine; and gastric lavage may be practised with Ijut
as entirely causeless and wdthout characteristic lesions and naturally
gen, etc. Zeitschrift fur klinische Medicin, 1892, xxi., p. 195.
putrid fever, what, vol. vii. 2, 19. why focaihd, ibid, 19.
has always been a fertile subject of discussion among clinicians.
matifm, integros menfes in dorfum recumbere coatlus fuit^
one species, points to the likelihood of this theory being correct.
tuberculous adenitis, most marked in the glands of the neck. This
the author responsible for errors in the original department. In
always drain these wounds. That is, we should allow free exit
comparatively few of its graduates living, we w^ould welcome a
ibid. 137. Caufes thereof, /^/V. 286. Prognofis, ibid.
charges of semen without erection, A local treatment of the sper-
sumed for all cases, and that in neuropathic and psychopathic
disease. Up to the date of his lecture Friedmann had inocu-
smaller bronchi, the epithelium of which was well preserved, were
prove useful in this condition. The administration of chloride of

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