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caused him some alarm. Still he did not think it serious enough
They are the presence of a discharge from the ear of the
lasted for two hours and completely stopped. Two days later the
seems to be more readily borne than by persons in perfect health.
while in the lymphoid marrow this peculiarity is less marked, while
tion is translucent, and presents scar-like appearances, possibly
alveoli. In certain areas could be found typical cylinderical cell
405. Signs of its tending to a gangrene, ibid. 406 and feq,
had ever seen or heard of W. Shakespeare of Stratford." We
neous evacuation has already occurred, whether by vomica or by
paper, pamphlet, or other printed paper or document, or [by]
soft, and in old people you know the vessel is very hard. In young
There are many hundreds of surgeons on the continent who
but with an irregular, fluctuating meningocele, six inches in
the one who is putting down 5 as the product. But we have
tions of the most difi'erent kinds and from the most different sources
abundant expectoration of a generally viscid, frothy mucous sputum;
The fii'st twenty -four houi's after paracentesis should be spent in
The Consolidation is announced of the Medical College of
different forms of disease ali'ecting the blood-making structures may
York. Our statement that it was ''published as above" was cor-
occurring from this source. Others have maintained the absorption
granules in the polymorphous leucocytes and the occurrence of nuclei
used, may give very misleading ratings. We have seen it stated
The same can be said of a series of cases which have been described
Measles assumed the degree of an epidemic in North Tona-
oxygenation. The spectrum of this compound is the same as that of
manu states that lie has used strong iufusions of ipecacuanha iu
teers; Recorder Second Division Hospital Sixth Army

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