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Pneumonia. — Flatness instead of dulness, voice and respiration
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without causing asthmatic attacks. Hence the bronchiolitis plays
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the lowest portions of the pleural cavity, the absorption of which may
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14 is simply multiplied by the percentage number and divided by 100.
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of the subcutaneous tissues are due to adipose tissue, and this com-
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exception of those offering commissions. But, in many instances,
at least IM) units of antitoxin should be injected subcutaneously,
tion, but is probably due to thrombosis in the cavernous bodies.
point may mean irritation of sensorv nerves of the abdominal
Some Don'ts, Medical and Surgical. Pamphlet. Published by the
complexion became worse than it ever had been before — so bad
the fpine of the back, containing the fpinal marrow,
ex nova interpret. Jo. Ant. Saraceni, apud Wecheh 1598. foL
pared with the smaller, repeated fees of a generation ago for
Dr. Herbert Upham Williams of Buffalo has been appointed

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