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present time, and there is little evidence in its favor. Karyokinesis

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the text and 13 colored plates. Vol. 2, Diseases of the Lids, Injuries,

those from the lungs, broncliise, trachea, pericardium, and heart, as

tion is almost identical with that of blood serum, except that there

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It has been stated that this disease is sometimes due to the

womb, is capable of rendering delivery difficult, and even im-

method, which has been found of fervice in inflammatory dif-

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of so-called pernicious anaemia in early life have been merely instances

proper intervals, as often as ever the ftomach would

stances, urine, insensible perspiration and respiratory evaporation

apoplexy two ways, vol. x. 130. Strong purging is effi-

in case it should be proposed to establish a list of those engaged

by pieces, a perfect skeleton of a child, and several pieces of black

ways be looked upon with considerable apprehension. Sudden death

the first place there is one most important point upon which too

Dr. Reu reported a case of amoebic infection of the gall bladder

but four involved the whole pleural cavity. A partial or circum-

and even with the lens of the species from which we obtain the

Other members of the Society at schools, and before small organ-

THE British medical profession is complaining bitterly about

gins 'to wobble, you . have another entirely different class of

most of the unnecessary and mutilating operations which a long-

tion or dropsy, which is rarely absent about the ankles or beneath

Reflex Stimulation of the Vagus Centre, A. T. Brand,

has maintained, and that they are undiscoverable by our present

epilepsy and which apparently gave no history nor showed

n, and n„ being the amounts of nitrogen in equal parts of two

partly rotated towards the unaffected side ; this latter position was ob-

nothing. The practice abroad is mostly free services to the

on the part of those who treat the eye whether with glasses,

making his first experiments in Galvanism in the eighteenth cen-

and the internal surface of the lungs on either side. The root of the

duced th'e effect of which must l)e estimated. The work of the

attained such proportions as in asthma. But the reason of this is

both directions laterally ; then try the same manoeuvre with the

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