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cessive cases combine this advancement of the capsule over the
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this is very painful, but very efficacious. Actual cautery on
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The numerous methods of exploration and diagnosis that
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by which modern investigation brings the distant near, and the
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"The Ischiatic Crutch; Its Place in the Treatment of Hip Disease" (Amer.
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By inserting between the dental arches a flat but thick
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the session of the American Institute of Homoeopathy. The
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ship with Dr. Barton C. Hirst. I then received a call to
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together by numerous fissures, which form the limits of
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was found adherent to the glans nearly to the corona, behind
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refusing admission to all comers, that I might the better delib-
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of Kilpatrick, Custer and Sheridan. He was under fire for the last
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abstract by Drs. H. C. Allen, S. Lilienthal, and A. C. Cowper-
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we should relegate the book to the shelf of literary curios.
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udice every efficacious method for the alleviation of suffering
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scraping ; and the posterior pharyngeal wall, on inspection, ap-
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Morel's garrot and Mayor s cravat bandage ''' (cravat with
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with an impairment of the energy of intestinal peristalsis.
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literature of January, February, and March ; after which it will
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piece, the ogive, and the fuse. Fragments of average size
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in the liver in pernicious anaemia is much larger than normal. The most
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and much active experience justified in speaking authoritatively
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English Puritans who landed in Massachusetts in 1630.
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religious trend of mind but liberal in his views, despising cant and
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ness of the surface is present. When prevented from giving it
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ings : each is given by itself, and may be judged on its own
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though a martyr to professional prejudice, he is a conscientious
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to the infection. The poorer sort of people were more liable to
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president of the medical faculty of the University of the City of
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On August 16, 1893, Dr. Howe married Elizabeth M. Howe of
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" normal." The motion appears to be most active, or the attrac-
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treated; in all, 409 patients. Of these, there were cured, 370 ;
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" writ down " charlatans and impostors. Let no careless accept-
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advanced and so tilted that the plane of its inlet is horizontal,
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Organization, and Cmiitntction. This was the Boylston
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Washington, D. C, where he was gradualed in arts in 1880,

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