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of milk mav be taken as well as 4 or 5 oz. of glucose per diem :
It may be for union or for isolation of cells, such as the funda-
local diseases, such as otorrhoea and coryza (Trousseau), quinsy
in Cleveland, Ohio, October 2;^rd and 24th, 1912, at the ex-
was born in Sweden January 22, 1846. Having come to America
leukaemia, the absence of leucocytosis, and applied the term pseudo-
other indictments for criminal mal-practice. Dr. Bonnar stated
Asylum at Newark, and was also postmaster ofNewark, N. Y.,
Circulatory disturbances and disorders of the respiratory system
conjunction with the internal administration of the extract, daily
ibid, 41,48, 148. Contagious, z??V. 27. Hereditary, i^/V. 26.
of refraction to an optician, a not uncommon practice today and
matifm, integros menfes in dorfum recumbere coatlus fuit^
he concluded that the polypi in themselves did not cause the excita-
jRefpii:atione- Pifcium diatriba. Amllelod. i66i» fpl..
In certain cases, however, this form gives rise to a characteristic com-
infection at date of experiment and that the pus used in the inoc-
as interfere wiith respiratory osmosis, is usually attended by an
are present, yet if we watch such a middle ear and canal for
in front, outside the mammary line. This is true of both varieties.
Inje6lion diluting extravafated and coagulated blood in
W. C. Bosley, Houston, Tex. 1,034,682. Rotary Engine.
character where there seems to be a want of tone or action in any
in the veins of the bladder and rectum. Its eggs, small bodies 0.04
Schmidt : Beitriige zur Kenntuiss des Sputums, insbesondere des asthmatischen,
TMs last solution is to be well stoppered and placed in an oven
Wonderful properties of its .motion, vol. i. 4. explanation of
profuse lacrymation and swelling of the eyelids, not present in the
slightly deaf. Her father, Elijah Stanton, was born at Preston,
cases. It is certainly not an unusual condition, though, as a rule, it
something, the cost of living will increase still further. The
must be decided at once. Who is to do this? By what means
The most conspicuous feature of the disease is the splenic en-
disease exists before an appendectomy is justiifiable, and cases
not all the phenomena. It may explain the sibilant rales, the secre-
cage is enlarged at its base, and the respiratory movements take
the linotype pi was not properly rearranged. This kind of blunder
cats and dogs ; considerable danger from monkeys and guinea
Dr. William Ward Plummer of Buffalo, returned Aug 17,
diseases of the spinal column, accompanied by kyphotic deformities
decade of life, but instances have been recorded in which the patient

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