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impaired. In the less acute forms there is, as a rule, nothing in the
spasm of the diaphragm which is especially obseiwed in the hysteri-
Readers are requested to report promptly the death of any physician
discovered here and there under the microscope. The nature of these
hinder original work in this country; not the least of these is
these cavernous spaces ; on the other hand reflexes which often mani-
in only three possible ways : either it is held from without by some
important causal factor. In experimental work upon dogs he was
Richard R. Smith of Grand Rapids tabulated 2,998 cases of oper-
The evidence in favor of the prophylactic value of antitetanic
view was for a long time the prevailing o[)inion of medical writers.
of mineral food from the wiheat kernel and leave little more
In this there are found many small whitish-yellow or yellow flakes,
Ramadan, S. : Du pneumothorax sousphrenique, Paris, 1891.
Calculus of Appendix. Dauriac and Desternes, Bull, et
in croupous pneumonia and in certain cases of tuberculosis.
ment has failed to bring about a cure. The adenoids and en-
off, pulmonary tuberculosis could be diagnosed at least as easily
Proprietaries costing 20c per hundred or less. 10c for labeling
evidence of faulty antisepsis of the oral cavity. The operator de^
tion of the bronchial muscles. By stimulation of the vagi contraction
designate them. Lowit held that the blood plaques do not occur in
The remarkable success of this house and the rapid growth of
observers have confirmed this observation, though, despite the
presented by the President, Dr. Lucien Howe, we publish in full.
advertisements, they will have a journal of the highest grade,
compute price as follows: Compounding fee, 35c plus container,
and consequently does not leave a scar which interferes with the
of Oneonta, N. Y., later resident of Grant's Pass, Oregon, died

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