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pemobB aeting under the authori1<y of the government of the country or phMc

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5th. Eaoh professor shall, at xnteryals, oall a roll of the names of the stadents

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(1) Hay be totally opaque when candled, except fpr the air cell.

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teristic. .Hysteria is therefore symptomatically not a well-rounded morbid

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disturbances are noticed in various ways. During the attack we see erup-

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operative course. Sec. a, M., Th., 11:00-1:00; sec. b, Tu., F., 11:00-1:00. 48 hours.

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amyotrophic lateral sclerosis break out into spasmodic laughter or weeping

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for twelve months, and £5 5s. for six months or less.

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secretive type, the normal peculiarities are exaggerated. Other patients also

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proper liberties. Old men will sometimes expose themselves before young

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severe at all times ; it is often worse at night and toward morning, ceasing

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emulation. Also, after each lesson, the pupils are examined on the

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enfeeblement, from the imbecile, on the one hand, to the normally stupid per-

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Assistant Attending Physicians: Drs. Howard M. Sheaff, Homer K. Nicoll,

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Finally, in a third group of cases, the vertebral disease is so latent that only

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orders, in many cases, stand perhaps in a causal relation (toxic influences?)

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resi>ects, eitber in tbis, or some otber recognised institution. Tbe

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Fleming, Jacob William, Jr., a, w, sp, Moberly, Mo. A.B. (U. of Missouri) '35.

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readily become passionate and vindictive. They have an exaggerated sense of

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bility to pain. If in such a case we stick a pin into the sole of a patient's

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' recfiiU\^«flljJlL'1!2^ ?^ the miftary' Oeg Acceptance Board ensurts that b»c^ 6oq ..

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of liquid from the oyster during transit. However, frosen oysters are

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If the decision be in regard to some transcendental problem, the result will

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It is customary to print the approved dissertation, in which case the

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flavoring agftnts - depending upon the type ^?f product, "processing. 8»th0ds„ and specifi-

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tricity without much atrophy, or there are marked signs of mental weakness.

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cord are found at about the same level as the centripetal sensory and the cen-

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d CescrlSe the public health, signlf leasee of t&e coRsnon parasites of dogs and cats,

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