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thyroid gland than partial thyroidectomy, and that it is the right
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and a half drachms of the extract. This is a most convenient prepara-
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tism represented in Table 9 the comparison between the results is very
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obliquely outward. In 6 is shown the dissociation of the fibrous elements of the tissue and the
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that the incidence of pellagra is highest in women between 20 and 40
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coronary arteries than to simple fatty degeneration of the heart.
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The reaction with 0.7 mg. ammonium phosphate and serum taken
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effects of thyroidectomy at the end of a period which varies from a
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this thirst. At the same time a marked diuresis accompanied the
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same patient yielded 0.159 per cent. (Halliburton). No mucin has
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Pellagra, a study of the heredity of. in Spartanburg County. S. C. : Eliza-
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6. Adventitial Cell: This is a small, round cell, described by Marchand 4 as
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An aneurysm may rupture, at any period during the course of its
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in support of his belief that those of the spleen (splenocytes) are not
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able to find no explanation in half of all the cases (Petit). Leudet
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by the reduction in the quantity of urine, which is high-colored as
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process which develops slowly furnishes a much more favorable out-
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tunately the brains were not examined. Both patients were young girls,
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Physical examination was entirely negative, except for a blood pressure of
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Hemiplegia and convulsions are the symptoms produced in many
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typical lymphocytes and other larger round cells greatly resembling
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noteworthy that in a number of these individuals previous asthmatic
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engorged, and there were small intertubular extravasations of blood.
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trated with lime salts, sometimes without, but usually in association
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pus formation — an abscess may form especially in situations where,
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fibrous tissue we find them all healthy save those which correspond
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when the heart muscle fibres are separated by layers of fat that
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and the urine showed an abundance of albumin and a variety of casts.
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(Scrophularia marylandica) were the most active, and while there
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to ensue. The duration of this stage is probably short, but concerning
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In Periods 1, 3, and 4 the Folin diet 1 was used; in Period 2 a diet
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fibrils appear contracted and the cell smaller. The cells of the posterior horns

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