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hepatitis is nearly always part of a general simple chronic peritonitis. As
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Prognosis. — The minor forms of poisoning usually recover. In acute
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Symptomatology. — Hughes, who writes from an experience of
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right epigastric region bulging the ribs. This turned out to be a
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and its extracorporeal host shall survive in any particular locality demands,
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is usually observed in the parotid gland (parotitis). It is a manifestation
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tractions or electrical exercises of muscle. A great variety of applications
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are all of one and the fame fpecies, but varied by a number
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granular. The walls of the vessels whose lumina are obliterated, are thick-
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As a result of this disease we may have hemiplegia or paraplegia, due
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Some amount of fat is found in the livers of persons who have
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were noted ; the blood pressure fell to a much lower level, and on
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stiffened joints should be employed, but only when convalescence is fairly
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sexes, perhaps rather more commonly in women than men, and attacks
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without snfhcicnf attention to the thera]>eutic details of this im-
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" exercife, a liorfe be denied time to ftale, an in-
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treatment of gout may be classified into the six following groups : —
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irregular. The microscope often shows some diffuse fibrous change, but
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at the pyloric antrum, and here we find the weaves almost cutting the
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It has been shown that in the puerperal state, milk sugar (lactose) is
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ed. Parfnips are alfo another excellent and profita-
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enumerated, there are to be noted hyper-resonance, prolonged expiratory
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is altogether mental; and in addition to the symptoms of neuras-
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called colloids, lying between the microscopic limit of 1/10 micron or
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Very considerable alteration in the shape of the joints may occur from
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be very fat, he is then faid tol^e cornered. A flat fide
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fome white, others livid, all macerated and drench-
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cause of cough seems to be due to an accumulation of mucus at the
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From a horfe's wo«//j being too large or too fmall,
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Banting, Campbell and Fletcher: Further Clinical Experience with
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Pestis minor. — Epidemics of a disease associated with fever and buboes,
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others septa form which may encapsule the calculi; and, lastly, the inner
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muscles are no longer tender, faradisation, massage, strychnine, and
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tality in cancer in the mouth or on the lip is extremely high. There is
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any cause sufficient to account for the latter form.
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the receiving bowel. In some few cases a polypus or carcinomatous
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classifies the types of Mediterranean fever into undulatory, intermittent,
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