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from intercurrent attacks of acute pulmonary hypereemia. Tricuspid dis-

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lay an irritable action of the heart. The largest doses administered should

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Its most frequent seat is in the neighborhood of the ileo-caecal valve. It

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rib, texts on operative surgery should be consulted.

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tine, from extension of inihimmation from the mesentery to the mesenteric

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nodules are oftener met with than diffuse miliary tubercles. It is denied

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may be bilateral. The cause of the fracture is usually direct violence.

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who live in cities. The oxyuris vermicularis is everywhere prevalent. It

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During the first week of convalescence the temperature often remains below

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pus. In abscess the hepatic enlargement is irregular, while in active

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pathology of this abscess formation is that of the deposit of the tubercle

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The sub-maxillary glands may be, and often are, enlarged in diphtheria,

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creased. Fatty and hyaline casts are present ; when the stage of atrophy

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tion of the fibro-cartilage from the eminentia articularis. In either

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well-ventilated apartment, attended by a well-trained nurse ; poultices

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Symptoms. —It is difficult to distinguish the symptoms of pulmonary con-

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Angina pectoris may occur with thoracic aneurism. But in all such cases

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nently in the muscular tissue and glands, and less abundantly in the blood

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in the lung, but may have the effect of neutralizing poison elements in

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Concentrated nutriment should be administered frequently in small quan-

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fluid readily escapes when the section is pressed. Some oedema may still

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continued for a long time, but in most instances, under such circumstances,

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This clot may be detached and carried elsewhere and result in the plug-

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Location. — The location of these tumors is generally the axilla, back,

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it occurs in the old and feeble, it is always attended with danger, on ac-

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before the administration of the opium, may have ranged from 40 to GO

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Hence the diagnosis rests on the signs of a tumor in the one case, and the

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the tibia usually rests upon the articular surface of the os calcis, in-

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abscess, aldominal aneurism, enlarged gall-hladder, pleurisy, rarely multi-

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and the retention of urine, should be relieved by proper manipulation.

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line underneath the axilla and over the top of the acromion.

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costal spaces. Select a needle of small size for the first tapping, and in-

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tion, are similar to those of small-pox and scarlatina. There are similar

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doses of the iodide of potassium combined with mercurial inunctions. With

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sheathing callus will not be absorbed. When the fragments are in

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ease becomes more severe, there may be constipation. The urine is less

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the respiratory organs, the genitals, the skin, and the meatus auditorius

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the region most likely to suit his special requirements. The patient must

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It is distinguished from suppurative /lepJiritishj the jDresence of a tumor,

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The meningeal vessels of the brain and the sinuses are engorged, Avhile

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tracted muscles, or in the partial displacement of bones.

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residuum afterwards undergoes cheesy or calcareous degeneration. The

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held in position while the lower fragment is approximated to

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