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skin. Boiling water should not be mixed with mustard, nor
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presence of bile in the intestines is essential for the chola-
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n-maincd until the mustard made a strong impression. He was
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Dr. Osborne attributed great importance to this condition of the tongue as
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not allowed to flatten or modify the form of their infants' head.s, that
120, weak and compressible, inclined to intermit; petechial eruption
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Pleuropneumonia in Cattle, and Swill Milk. — Our readers will
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contraction of the tissues about them. Nitiic acid is com-
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of these instruments within the tracheal tube is apt to occasion ulcera-
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canal in the formation of obli(iuc inguinal hernia, is cliietiy produced
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" 23. Incurable deformities, or loss of part of either jaw, hindering
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pine. Kecent experiments by Reichert {TJierapeutie BlontUy,
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such an increase in its relative size that it extends over more or less
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ruary, 1862, and these symptoms had gradually increased. In July he
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to be an injury of the nerves. The femoral artery escaped, and the
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astringent or slightly acidulous taste ; permanent in the air.
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pose, ether should be followed by a purge. Ether may be
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spasms), but not in efficiency. Not succeeding in removing the child
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the constitution was completely broken down, and the men were
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importance as " Angina Pectoris," I do so more in the hope that
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some sorts of spasm, hyoscyamus is more efficient than
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and increases the blood supply and secretion of these parts.
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probable that the slowing of the heart is primarily due to
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is chairman, to continue his investigations and report again next year.
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had been there inspecting under the appointment of the Committee, I
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er, by the force of habit, and of course could not save.
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removing twelve, fifteen, eighteen, twenty and nineteen pounds. Af-
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ferment is precipitated with alcohol, from the juice, and ^
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Case XX .Mr. B., Fulton Avenue, 35 years of age, a baker by
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to Hospital on the 13th of January. His previous circumstances
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other. Formerly it was contended that the morbid condition known
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strong but soft linen made to fit the tumor loosely and attached to a
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gined ; a fair complexion being thus suddenly transformed to that of
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was performed, and forty-three pounds of fluid withdrawn. The with-
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the morbidly-enfeebled as to the healthy. Nor does occupation, climate, poverty,
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recommended by Dr. Alexander Ilarkin, of Belfast, Ireland, who re-
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E. ; aqua calcaria?, P. G. ; eau (liquor) de chaux, Fr. ; kalkwasser, G.
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phosphates in the urine, which I'emains ccmstant in the dr}' osseous in-
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■without delay, first embracing; it in a stout ligature of silk near its
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purulent fluid ; the dura spinalis appeared thickened, injected and ec-
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sons in the hospital than tjfey are surrounded by a low class of law-
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tation and inflammation in large doses; and in toxic quanti-

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