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commonly known as glycosuria-lessening ; I have observed the same
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pulp, sweeten, add the whites of two eggs beaten to a froth, flavor
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reached the same statistical result, and has also noted the interesting
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tubes, or ducts, with little yellow globular glands, situated on the
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healthy function is rendered impossible. Cardiac asthma, stagnation
characteristic. If the cold nitric acid test be alone employed the substance
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The so-called alimentary albuminuria, such as follows the copious taking
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large amounts of unsuitable nourishment (forced feeding) .
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A case in which extensive exudations similar to those more re-
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5. Iodide of iron pills, each pill containing one grain
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some occupation in which the thumb is much used, so that the joints
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for the act of locomotion supplies this factor, and would lead to
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certain circumstances in the diabetic organism. Aceto-acetic and
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The douche-massage treatment originated at Aix-les-Bains in
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whose tissues are saturated with nitrogenous refuse begins a course
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the occiirrence of diabetes and appear to have caused it, we shall
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cal, due to the masses of fat accumulated iu the body, later on degen-
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secretes a thick, viscid fluid, resembling the white of an egg; this
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provements that have done so much for the health of the popu'ation,
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result of laboratory experiments Eoberts and Haig are at variance,
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of the authors who have dealt with this aspect of the question. An-
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slight exertion ; they rapidly lose breath, suffer from palpitation, and
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though there is a great probability that the cartilaginous coverings
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eight lecturers, including professors Parker, Watts,
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certain amount of carbohydrates may be taken without causing gh^-
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The Glands. — In front and below the lower half of the external
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degree, but of gout — hardly ever. In fact, the chronic gastritis that
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No one will question that in chronic gout osteophyte formation
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metabolism. Such paralysis may result from either organic lesion or
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rapid pregnancies or abortions. Profuse menstruation occurs in cer-
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usually return home without any increase of tolerance for carbohy-
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digestive functions are debilitated, the effect of warmth is desirable
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According to the fundamental causes, the prognosis depends in
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