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trast. Practice can be obtained in auscultation, the use of the laryn-

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arteries. They feel firm and stiff, and on cross section their walls are found

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ments of rotation at the shoulder joint are best tested when the forearm is

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shall not be compulsory. The said Register shall be closed on the last

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age age, they do not talk until much later, and throughout life may show

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is not entirely without a beneficial effect. Their laxative qualities diminish

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sal extension, and we sometimes see a tendency for the foot to assume the

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often make the patient close his eyes and then count the number of times

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by the eager strife of parties; or in those artists and scholars whose never

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the skin which in advanced cases may reach as high a grade as in the per-

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disturbed in a similar way to that of the bladder. Paresis of the abdominal

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Students begin the medical work in the Autumn Quarter. Applications for admis-

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the level of the second to the fourth lumbar segments (page 293). If the

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control by using autofnatic n«asur1ng devices. Standardization to the proper butterfat

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separately, and particularly not to omit the examination of the smaller periph-

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rately in every carefully conducted sensory examination are: touch, heat and

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neous sensibility by means of the electric current has been proposed by various

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"Newman (E. D.). Eeport of a Case of Pellagra in Xew Jersey. Jour. Cutan.

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Fees. — ^Perpetual ticket, in one payment, £12 ; yearly ticket, £6 6s..;

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Division of Psychiatry, Otho S. A. Sprague Memorial Institute.

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movements executed by entire groups of muscles. If therefore a complete

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preliminary examination before a college or licensing board recognised

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deafness " sensory aphasia," which does not seem to us to be quite correct,

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sequent favorable course of the disease indicated that we were dealing only with

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course all such training demands much tact and patience on both sides.

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open to all students of the Hospital without extra charge.

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t&jamt^la cart j o h y dt a Ui ass mora si^ject

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sioned in the surrounding blood vessels, including the capillaries of the

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of Medicine (M.D.) The degree of Master in Surgery is not conferred

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mentally, and came from nervous families. Tics of the muscles of the throat

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of which the following is a programme. The fee in each branch

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have not been more than one year engaged in medical study, and who-

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same time as those of the Physician the duties of the Surgeon and

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creased excitability for the sensory nerves and the nerves of special sense

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the purpose of this trip Is t© reliiforcr prevlwis lecttnne MterlaH con-

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uncertain whether such degeneration is due directly to the toxic influence of

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haying received snch instruction. No stndents are allowed at the Female-

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pain in the distribution of the intercostal nerves. It occurs almost solely in

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certain resemblance in sound to the right one, begins with the same syllable,

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which circular insanity would be the ultimate type. Some writers, however,

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Sensor} r disturbances are frequently observed in lesions of the pons. They

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Consulting Oral Surgeon: Dr. Frederick B. Moorehead.

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been observed. Lastly, the interesting combination of exophthalmic goiter

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