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of the blade passes along in close contact with the internal surface
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I am quite as anxious to relieve the pain in the back in the beginning
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tion of these diseases has not been grasped before,
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the place affefled ; they only defend the Blood from
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the new symptoms arising from a drug administered in disease ; but
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than once, and cites the case of Dr. Richardson, who said he had it three
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Dr. A. B. Smith said that the last volume of Wells' Annual of
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northerly direction, went on to Peking, in latitude 40° north. Even
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authors, by a general derangement of the cerebral circulation usually
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a tendency for enlargement towards one end. These features also
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J. J. McAlmont, M.D., is settled at Hot Springs, Ark., fifty-five miles south-
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OENOTHERA BIENNIS, or commou evening primrose. — Dr. Russell had
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Michael Reese Hospitals daily at the beasides of ine sick.
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prepare themselves properly for their final examinations without additional expense.

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