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merce any meat or meat food products which are diseased, unsound, unhealthful, unwhole-

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Four main buildings for patients permit ample classification facilities. Large grounds

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nerve sui>ply lliiit epiiie|.Iiriiie unfolds its aelioii, yet, !i< ilin-,' to CiUi-

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falsify truth for no better purpose than a supposed pleasure that is

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Emery, Edgar V. N St. Louis Flavan. David B St. Louis Gearhart. M Bethany

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22. Idem: Surgical Aspects of Acute Cholecystitis, Ann.

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point stininlnlc.l. If thtii «<• tiikr point -t in the ivllcx scratch nrca

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outer rim. Boys go into the pen and deftly attach the loop of a

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Anthrax, preparation of tissues for diagnosis, instructions 201

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run Hill III lliliuliil Inl illill si mil mill silh\lil llri s Isnilji) Hull illi ,s'i//)//l/.

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ices of all types; (8) statistical services in connec-

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sheep, or swine, or the food products thereof, which had been ex-

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The President, Morris B. Simpson, M.D., Kansas City,

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dairy herds, for this disease prevails to a very much greater extent

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Stiiinilatinii ..r 111.' in.nlal visual .•.'iil.r i.n,.lu.-.'s a i.n.mi't.'r niovomont

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wait in this type of tumor for invasion before say-

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it has In'rii calli'il. must lir pruviilnl wilh alVrrriit iiiiptilsi's. Siii'h iiii-

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with its antibody 45 minutes after an injection of crystalline egg albumin.

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sealed with the United States condemnation seal. When such carcasses are not Imme-

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certificate, but in all such cases of diversion or reloading full information regarding the

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test was pwsitive, coccidioidin negative. Chest roentgen

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St. Louis District Dairy Council, 4030 Chouteau Avenue, St. Louis.

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[Then follow names of parishes constituting circuits 2, 3, 4, and 5.]

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ments of these nations that all pork from the United States shall be microscopically

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stated that the pain was in his back. He seemed to for-

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the stanchion is securely fitted In iron socket bolted to the deck. When troughs are used,

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body of the nail the matrix is firmly adherent to the underlying

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of the pelvis are analogous to those in the neoplastic tissue. The nuclei

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This case, as pointed out by Heineke,* disproves the one of Poncet * of

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The tissues in the neighborhood are no longer recognizable. They have a

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and athletic in build and had a negative family history. His health had been

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(•arli(ili,\(lrat(' fciml will surely cuincrt a iniM into a severe ease, and in

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with special attention to recent illnesses, drug in-

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