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tropic viruses with special reference to lymphocytic chorio-
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generally an agreeable feeling of warmth in the stomach, moderately
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quantity, colour, and consistence of the excretion. On the
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acts on such parts only as are so constituted as to be susceptible to its
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elsewhere, could be repaired by mutual concessions Mutual con-
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the bitter tinctures^ as those of pontian, quassia, and col umbo, may lie
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and from that time the march towards health was an interrupt imI under
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ulcers, of which it relieves the pain, improves the secretions, and checks
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I hydrated oxide of the late Edinburgh Phftrnmcop(Bia» and 3. the
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ounces of water. This practice has been imitated by other physicians,
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isms. Mice kept at 5° C post-injection are sensitized 250-fold to pasteurized Salmonella
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tbe pkjmoMM. death oeeurred from the offieiontaesa of tbe nurse in giving nourish-
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MIYA: Well, I don't have any for an animal, but I think in terms
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■Ithe castor. This is softish when fresh, but hardens with time, and thei
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in tiXtHH'diiijr'T iiijimt<* qoaDihy. One dn-»p of a ^at-tlntion. ooYitaminjf
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m>lubHity, and general chemical reactions^ it is not materially different
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stimalant, and less apt to irritate the stomach. Buchner states that •
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which have the same therapeutic properties and uses, as of the same
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LwUb all the stnvnglh of expression I possess, that, whenever an indw
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LocaDr, the powder has been osed as a gentle stimulant In
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Miss is bound in stays, these muscles, like those of a bandag-
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a three or four years preparation to this optional.
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spiration, and has been thought to act as an emmenagoguo; and, taken
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direct influence upon the Ussues, a powerful support to the weakened
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gering fatal prostration. In such a case, the hot bath is an admirable
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cated; and here it is among the must e^eacious remedied. It is also
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the former. The light increases likewise the solidity and
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equally as to young men, insist upon the use of flannel ; and
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» temperature at which dry air could be borne without inconvenience,

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