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weeks, during which time it was regularly taken, he left off its use and

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gan to redouble their Forces, and to multiply Ingre-

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not recover. He dreaded above all things to be left alone, even

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all kinds. The nephritic cases reacted in essentially the same way.

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medicine may, under such circumstances, be taken not only with im-

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$20,000 of the stock. He will place the charge of the institution, as

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shoulders raised upon pillows, head bent forward, and arms press-

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great benefit from the use of hydriodate of potash, and from decoction

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tions, by John Ashurst, jr., M.D. Philadelphia : Henry C. Lea.

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author had emplo3^ed in different cases dressings of (1) solution oL

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hours. The following morning very early, the father came for me,

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confumes dead Flejh , as Cathereticks ^ and a third

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from this he argued, that there was a semi-decussation of the optic

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administration of drugs, than it does in acquiring the confidence of

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portunities for studying the diseases of childhood with all the difficul-

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land, a frequently recurring vomiting was in the end followed by para-

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in the ventricles of the old man^s brain. Arguing from the generally

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The pulse, in influenza, is seldom the same throughout ; one time you

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early period of the complaint. There was here obviously a carious state

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from the patient''s head, and then she renews the application. I need

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acetabulum along the posterior surface. The remainder of the neck and head

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are considerable tenderness of the gum and swelling of the neighbouring

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The cases occurring in young children were, with a single excep-

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redness being general, and equally diffused over the whole of the upper

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Clinical Professor of Gynecoloffj at the Hospital for

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stages of journey : in all such cases, cholera, I say, seems regulated by

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diff'er only in degree. Hitherto we have not made any remarks on the fre-

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the whole subject in obscurity." That food in a semi-assimilated

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attenuation for the exhibition of its best effect, — we might say, its

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belides which it is admirable for the cure of a Dyfen-

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much of the epidemic work with which I had been connected.

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inside of the nostrils was followed by copious bleeding and immediate

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takes place. With the relative or absolute h} permetropic eye all

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