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If there is a collection of blood or pus, the hole must be

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Cases continued to occur daily, as long as the passengers remained

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fingers and hands were left yevj much to the residents and

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experienced where incisions are possibly made in wrong

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and to be surprised, as well as gratified, at each recovery.

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but cowpox is the form that is commonly seen in this

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In some cases it is seen only when the horse first starts,

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posterior axillary line near the angle of the scapula

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the psychiatric diagnosis, except in senile dementia,

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the female, of the uterus, or womb, and ovaries, and

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mitted to hospital complaining of painful swelling in his

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Absolute rest in bed was prescribed, and a mixture con-

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sprouting. This I consider to be also the case with

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could serve to give correct notions as to the nature

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used for dusting on wounds or sores ; the objections

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taining style, and fully illustrated, will prove wel-

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effect perfect closure, and there is no fear of sub-

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the infection in the mother and this in turn was de-

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â– vould unquesti()nal)ly do so through an abdominal trans-

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to warrant us in cohsidering them as diffeTent medicines.

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be overlooked unless esi^ecially sought for (Fig, i).

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The image produced by decomposing a white sunbeam, consists

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Shelby Medical College, Nashville; subsequently Burgeon im

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n\ oil. Doctor Dakin had said that antiseptics incor-

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or soon after, a hag is iiUrodiict-d to bring on labor.

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enza, and the strain of shipping renders the horses

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but for the fact that recently T have had a second case of

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(Officers to serve for the ensuing year will be elected.

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the cerebro-spinal fluid. He inquired if further operation

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This extract is of a dark colour, when seen in large bulk, but m

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