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ner. Constipation due to defective peristalsis, and colicky pains due to

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(Osier). In many cases there will be an antecedent history of the passage

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the vertebne {spondylitis deformans). This may be combined with

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row. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of eggs are contained in the

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(4) Vicarious hemoptysis is not uncommon during menstruation or

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Treatment. — The suggestions made in the treatment of gastric

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pain is, as a rule, sufficiently intense to demand morphin, which is best

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tries to walk will she observe anything out of the way. The abnormality

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of caseation may be visible, and shining, more or less hyaline masses of

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arterio-lateral regions. When cases terminate in recovery the bones

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while the vascular symptoms and signs of aneurysm of the aorta (thrill,

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(h) The so-called accidental or spurious albuminuria is due to the

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forward slowly, first on one side and then on the other. It will then be

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and. in the severer grades, infiltration of the latter with leukocytes.

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Levy and Klemperer's Clinical Bacteriology. See page i7.

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than the primary form, is seldom of clinical importance. Renal carci-

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AiJparently idiopathic cases of cardiac dilatation of indeterminate

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around the umbilicus, or in the pelvic region, or even in the region of

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various tests for that substance would show traces of its presence in

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may also be present. Pulsation has been noted and a systolic murmur —

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tion in the testicles or breasts, and severe blows in the pit of the stomach

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but not infrequently it is entirely independent of these diseases. Infants

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Symptoms. — The sole characteristic symptom is the slow action of

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struction are appropriate. If total obstruction persist despite medical

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case has been reported of a young woman whom marriage greatly bene-

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sodium bicarbonate, sipped slowly when the stomach is empty. If at

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and leg of one side, generally the same, are all involved. The facial

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narily other structures are also involved, giving rise to symptoms of focal

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istence of a stricture, but also the diseased underlying process, since

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valve, has reported the segments to be uniformly sclerosed. The cases of

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scavengers of the respiratory organs — the mucous corpuscles lining the

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