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respirations rapid and shallow. The skin may be perspiring, or it may be

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are impaired. The red blood cells are numerically deficient ; the thyroid

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at the point of entrance, similar to the cedematous variety of the external

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washed out. Chloral may be administered. Asphyxia may be warded off

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this country, especially Bloxam. A solution is used, containing 2 grs. of

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they can ill bear extremes of heat or cold ; their dif-

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Etiology. — The presence of abnormal fluid in the peritoneal sac, caused

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protein and fat we turned our attention to the influence of salt. The

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the patient mounts a stair, or walks on rising ground. As long as he is at

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ulceration into the gut. Probably no stone much larger than a cherry

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size. Sometimes a whole lobe, and, in rare cases, nearly an entire lung,

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The bile ducts withstand the pressure much longer ; indeed, it is doubtful

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or irregularly ulcerated. Tubercles gradually form in the muscular tissue.

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production of the symptoms. He has also been able to separate these

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too, that the system of branching is a closed system, there being no

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Certain variations in the detail of the technique as described by

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general dropsy, with partial, sometimes almost complete, suppression of

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Prognosis. — In acute poisoning by corrosive sublimate, tne prognosis

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If these principles be observed in the feeding of infants, the frequency

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rectal temperature is often found to be raised, and may reach 104°. The

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dilatations are usually fusiform. Less commonly the dilated bronchus

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of twenty-three observed at St. Thomas's Hospital, the disease had lasted

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is to be found in the wall of the gut. The circular fibres contract after

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in different cases, in most it has been either green or brown ; but white,

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subacute bacterial endocarditis, or duodenal ulcer, will be left undiagnosed

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unconsciousness. For a short time, a few minutes only it may be, the

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described may with advantage be reduced to two : (1) Where the morning

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stated that it may follow gastric irritation. It is sometimes associated

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excrementitious or residual matter, does not partake in this process of

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the University on an arrangement with the Ontario Medical

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