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some medicines, which she took; the effect, however, not bearing out the opin-

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yellow fever," although the surgeon of the ship returned the

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F. Smith as to their value. We generally use a mush (Indian meal) poultice

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after death worthy of consideration were the congestion of the nerv-

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safe by plain soap-and-water scrubbing and thorough ven-

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Now from general experience, not as a specialist, we

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meclizine (antivert or bonine)

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chiefly English, Germans, Spaniards, and French. The matter

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lators must be called to accoimt. Many sentences and para-

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bunz. (5) With respect to sex, of the 155 amputations 186 were

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mering, which was completely removed by the operation, was about as bad as

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septics for all sorts of ridiculous purposes. Take the

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of great value to aurists and other practitioners. Twenty-three

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being very fatty. It seems that Rokitansky found similar areolar-tissue-forma-

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noon the front half of the globe. All exertion of the other eye (in

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loped at the periphery. We are able ourselves to testify to the

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or even in a youth. . In childhood or infancy a cure is

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22f/. There is a marked improvement in his condition this morning; he

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although he admits the difl^culty or impossibility of distinguish-

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r empoisonnement par les sals deplomb, par M. Orfila.)

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disease, as a generic term for a series of diseases, which, though

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towairds the frontiers of Portugal, which had hitherto remained

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facts have been long well known. Ambroise Pare mentions them; Pigray

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By all means the best treatment for moles is electrol-

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riorly BO as almost to embrace the oBsophagus. The trachea was flattened by

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tion was performed ; there were in all, males and females, 162.

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The pleursB were not adherent^ but about the middle of the right

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of the night-air bogy of our grandparents' time is,

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"The subject of Histogeny or the development of the tissues, although much

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as after operations, accidents, acute illness, or a sentence

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23f/. More delirium, and evidently much weaker; pulse very feeble and

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married woman^ the mother of four children. The operation

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During the spring of 1S38, M. Thiele repeated his former experiments with

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experiments we infer that nitrite of amyl is a direct physiological

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for a long time afber its discontinuance, and in general the length

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one deaths occurred out of 1212 cases, and they are arranged in

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own practice, showing that persons from mountainous regions, who

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