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femur, because in that situation the muscle is less apt to get in the way;


were found distributed along the course of the pelvic and lumbar lymphatics

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etiology was wholly unexplored ; that their clinical history, though

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The use of force to combat ideas is an evidence of the bank-

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Eiegel [Zeiisch.f. kiln. Med., 1890, xvii. 221-291) publishes a most elab-

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kidney very tedious and difficult, and, may be, even ineffectual.

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writers, such as Plumbe, Neligan, and Burgess are often quoted, while

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for the most part with the observations of other investigators on grippal

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the serum of the blood. This, however, was difficult to manufacture and

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{Centralblatt fur Gyndkohqie, No. 36, 1889) reported a case of extra-uterine

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ing signs of vertigo, nausea, general weakness, pallor, and dyspnoea, a few

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to morphinism. In the majority of cases the idea that an alcoholic

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this we have at least the very respectable authority of Lippincott's Bio-

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The previous work of this author in his chosen field of ophthalmology

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below. Percussion shows impaired resonance from apex to 7th rib, and

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1. For the iliac operation to be a success, the large bowel should not be

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every two hours during the day and the twelve hour night urine,

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signs of pressure, rather than on such symptoms as bruit, thrill, and the like.

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From May 1st improvement was rapid in every respect. He was allowed out

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than books written by compilation, as has so often been the

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Patient made an uninterrupted recovery from this operation

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The venous pulse must be carefully distinguished from the so-called " com-

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