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perature I found it to be 103° F. Fever almost in-
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The University of Wisconsin. — The new biological
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stead of curing the disease. It becomes clear, that
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Seventh .\nnual Report of the Barlow Sanatorium for
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what is meant by it, it will be said that it is a very
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30th, Dr. Samuel Dutton Gilbert, of New Haven, Coanec-
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the upper line should always represent the systolic ;
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the technique is the proper position of the patient.
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Dr. Charles B. Penrose, Dr. Henry Leffman, Dr. Randle
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treated in its inception by early operation, had re-
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own application is retired from active service on De-
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rinse with sterile hot water, covering it with a dry
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the public eye'' of the period may be estimated from
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French. — In Battle Creek, Michigan, on Saturday, Sep-
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age of the patient, the history of the case, time of
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ary tuberculosis. None, to his knowledge, had any trouble
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exclusive of stillliirths numbered 517, corresponding to an
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vice of Carlyle : — "Wheresoever thou findest dis-
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cal examination of a cadet of the LTnited States Revenue
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also be careful to teach their pregnant patients the
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29. Although I often use anxiety to express the German
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laureat de I'Academie de medecine. Translated bv S.
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and the Friedliinder bacillus — either alone or asso-
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of the external malleolus of the right foot and meta-
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kota, and ordered home to await orders ; ordered to
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Under Domestic Postage Rates. $5; under Foreign Postage Rate,
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(Iray Memorial Fund for the library in memory of her
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mentosus infection is most likely to be in the nose,
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Federal Council an international conference was held at
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tain it in this position. 2. It must offer facilities
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2. ^. On the Psychological Treatment of Certain Functional
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ordination is present. The restoration of functional
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and took her daughter to the market to see the old woman.
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population. Others point out that if the occurrence
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systematic tonics, rest, etc., are all to be employed.
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more difficult if an apoplexy is actually complicated
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Pfister, Dr. Kingman B. Page, Dr. Benjamin T. Tilton.
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to an almost constant barrage of high explosives, getting too little
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the coal tar antipyretics, acctanilide, phenacttin, sul-

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