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superior revenue officer having jurisdiction in certain cases.
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Case I. John Picket, aetat. 31, native of New York, seaman, was re-
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suppressed, delirium supervenes, and death closes the scene from
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Bespecting so-called important complications of the affection, it
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pain far better than by their outward application, or than scari-
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of the disease in this region occurred ; this was at the beginning of
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than 75°, and perhaps 80°; and hence the localities liable to its occurrence
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other on the twenty-seventh day, after leaving Europe. ''The circumstances
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the assaults of the enemy. Cleanliness is, therefore, the life of an army — the
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bronchocele, or the French as goitre^ and not being in any
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hfs unequcil'ed publication, unnoticiir? niultitudesof
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soapy water is a valuable means of emptjdng the lower
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inquiry should be made in a much larger series of animals than
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symptoms attributable to the version ; of these, two had suf-
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him nearly one year after I had ceased to attend him.
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impaired, but I had not the means at hand of examining carefully the condition
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"while you sleep." The sympathetic is closely associ-
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at which this disease ends varies considerably, from two to ten years
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assumed its epidemic character by the unbridled dissipation and
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tension, and pain in the upper part of the abdomen, neither acute nor
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pendicitis is the most frequent form of appendicitis.
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Schneider, an oculist, and Rittinghausen, a lawyer, (doctor of laws,)
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accomplished, you continue the incision upwards and downwards for an inch or
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of the district depends as much on the varying character of its
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grimages and religious assemblies. Long fasts, early marriages,
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ships of the fleet, both then and in the following year. In
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cradle. Pupils dilated. Point of the tongue slightly protruded
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controversy. The statements of MM. Galezowski and Bouchnt
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The term "dyspepsia" means difficult digestion. It is
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