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haemorrhage at the base of the brain — an opinion that proved far from

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jected, and two quantities of two and a half and five fluid drachms of

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first layer was raised and divided, when a knuckle of tolerably healthy

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was an increase in the amount taken for this purpose. Now it was

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truly extraordinary dream which has in my cure met with its entire fulfillment.

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which, as we know, are the most common seat of the lesions of acute

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times reveals generalised pulmonary congestion, pleurisy, or myo-

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Presidetits : Dr. Druitt and Dr. Morgan. Secretaries : Anthony Bell,

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Nevertheless, the extremity of the penis only diminished slightly in size,

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also extended down towards the apex and into the anterior wall of the

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be performed more methodically and completely, while if bleeding is

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end of an hour some of the larger which had been touched with

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pill and the compound extract of colocynth, and subsequently by senna

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child with intestinal catarrh tolerates cou's milk." In the treatment, tlie

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The left surface of the neck, over the region corresponding to the

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The other constituent of the lens is the interstitial tissue — a formless

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physician. While at Rome, he published his work entitled

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lowers. But, in such a matter, the persuasive logic of facts will prove

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work on the "Etiology and Prophylaxis of Cholera". Twenty-five au-

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and so the w/.V(V/ temperament was devised. And here we have a good

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contained purulent centres, some of considerable size ; all were filled

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have recovered from pneumonia. The blood is collected aseptically in

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In both these varieties of intermittency, therefore, the regular cardiac

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to mechanical pneumonia. The temperature was 40*2° C. ; the respi-

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Dr. Playfair was quite startled that the Government should have

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arena. The explosion of mutual antagonism had blown

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or to a partial interval between a distended bladder and a dilated

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ciently for our position ; but instead of one we have

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land, dont la haute intelligence, la perseverante energie et la sagacite

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the subject vary greatly in opinion regarding it ; but it has given

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hospitals of Paris, called on me to say good bye, having in a few hour's

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twelve months for moveable articulation. The soft fibrous tissues were

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matter, and the interests of those whose interests are really concerned.

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and ligatures were placed in warm saturated boric solution, and an

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us at once: "Ah! it never suited me;" or, "Oh! it is new life to

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