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guish it from typhoid fever, but if there should be abdominal tuber-

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uria. In the mild cases there may be no further disturbance. The pres-

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long time. Even if there be no evident local swelling, a nerve should be

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of other bacteria than the bacillus of tuberculosis. Certain parts of

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* I have seen them in opium poisoning. (H. C. Wood.)

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abstraction of nearly a quart of blood, whilst in other cases that of a

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employment of such hygienic measures as have already been spoken of

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largely catarrhal, but is sometimes associated with proliferation or atrophy

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for consultation. A part of the treatment appears to have consisted

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cattle all milk should be thoroughly boiled before being used.

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with completely compensatory or excessive hypertrophy. Again, digitalis

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Prolongation of the pyrexia, symptoms of intense exhaustion, active de-

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because his will is enslaved by a lower intellectual or emotional nerve-

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pustules, and an important characteristic is the simultaneous occurrence

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iological understanding of the causes and nature of these grades of uncon-

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subjects are occasionally seen in dissecting-rooms, and more rarely at

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mediate death by hydatid embolism of the heart and pulmonary artery.

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appendicitis takes place late in typhoid fever, and the previous his-

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probable is the presence of foci of broncho-pneumonia, which may form,

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dular enlargement does not always disappear with the exanthem, and

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other hand, there may be no especial alteration in the range of the tem-

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can be recognized only by knowledge that the subject has been exposed

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disease develops after birth the case is more protracted, and may last

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there exists every grade of temperature in maniacal cases, so that no

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Lack of agreement exists among medical writers as to the relation

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toms. If fever, jaundice, or renal disorder is pronounced, the outlook

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cently been distinctly modified by improvements in methods of treatment.

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For purposes of classification, the valves may be regarded, as either

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The posterior half or three- fourths of the left first temporal convo-

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commonest of the intestinal parasites, and has been found at all ages,

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cessive mental or physical labor ; whilst by means of frequent bathing

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found in elderly persons and in emaciated patients suffering from chronic

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more than twice in the twenty-four hours, a great boon, since the

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The first of these types is the so-called Ataxic Paraplegia, in which

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carbo-hydrates are taken, there is usually less than one per cent, of sugar

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the destruction of the left, so that the power of speech shall be restored.

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a rule, are complicated with those due to cancer of the organ in which

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indicative of gastric neuroses also occur as secondary or symptomatic

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