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L. W., aged 41, single, factory worker, was admitted on October

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having had small-pox, and not one of them has been at-

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large doses of morphine had to be given to relieve it. Pressure

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Daily Slaximum and Minimum Temperature at the Royal

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cation, but the Council has done good service in thus en-

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reasoning from analogy, and the fact that the output of sugar-

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natural dimple. The face is untouched, and as the patient

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ease truly occurs in the most varied parts of the body, Imt especially and

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epidemic form, after it has slumbered through the winter, is decidedly

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Authors desiring reprints of their articles published in the British

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trast to the condition underneath some stages. Arranged

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Dr. Handpield-Jones, in reply, said with regard to Mr.

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curred by reason of small-pox in 17 of the 32 districts,

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in accordance with the laws, had selected out of those pro-

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2. In tumour producing obliteration of the lumen of the

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supervision, no further cases have been reported. Senhor

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on "general duty" he draws exactly the same pay as a Medical Staff

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tically until we hit oS' the opening. This will at least nearly

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Chaklbs E. Paget, Medical Officer of Health for Salford, etc.

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nitrate of silver is added, and it is then heated, whereupon a

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pital, the patient having been put under chloroform, the needle of an

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bloodless that it cannot properly perform its absorptive

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3,000 enlisted natives to 300 officers. These are, of course,

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J. Allan, Treasurer of the British Institute of Public Health ;

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ence with the liberty of the subject. This, however, may

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to the perforation of a gastric ulcer. Abdominal section was

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On February 25thj witli strict antiseptio precautions, a

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â– pickers at harvest time. If the sulphur were the sole cause

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extension of the period of absence from work after confine-

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Clinical Surgery, and this post he continued to hold till his

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relaxing spasm, namely, chloral and belladonna ; the action

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Manuscripts forwarded to the Office of this Journal cannot

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Db. J. S. MuiB (Selkeith) writes advocating the use of sulphate of

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