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tion of mucous patches in the mouth, and that by their presence he may
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for which he was bled and blistered with advantage. He was subject to
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The patient was a corpulent man, and lived generously, particularly ts
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or death may follow. The symptoms are often indistinguishable at the
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carpenter's mate, in the act of sounding the well, was nearly suffixrated ;
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and tedious one, taxing the patience and skill of the surgeon to the utmost.
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body. The head may become completely bald, as in one of my cases in
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The SURGEON will lind in the Sections on Abdominal and other Regional ^
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posed of ten grains of the bichloride and a similar quantity of hydro-
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particularly those of the right hand ; the toes were in the same condi-
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solution flavoured with listerine ; in other cases by painting the tonsil with
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The initial rise of temperature is therefore dependent on a diminution in
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thority, the result will be watched with solicitude. For the health of
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Morvan's Disease. — No article on syringomyelia, however brief, would
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smooth Surface. On the internal surface of this membrane, no traces of
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eases alone, to more than the whole increase. Of those who died in
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stertorous breathing, and its consequences, the ordinary symptoms of
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be treated in 1891, more than eleven years ago, still takes one drachm of.
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according to the irritability of the surface. It will be perceived that it
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imperative that the isthmus will be divided, and as the relief does not
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In its protoplasm deeply coloured granules are sometimes visible, as in that
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fessional public, at least, with a detailed report of the manner in whick

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