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ainary causes are those to which all persons are more or less exposed,

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just named are marked. Their importance is shown by the fact that animals

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The second division, or local diseases, will embrace all which are not

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the ph^'sician may ascertain whether the effusion be increasing or diminish-

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the hiematin in the red globules. The defective color, or pallor, is gene-

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situated at both the mitral and aortic orifice. The effects of aortic and

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with continuous treatment. Pamphlet (32 pages) sent on re-

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mental indifference or apath}' . The patient has no apprehensions, although

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the rio-ht ventricle is found to contain a dense white clot closely inter-

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considered. Moreover, the use of opium, aside from the palliation of pain,

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The vitiated condition of the blood which occurs during the

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cause fail to get air enough into their lungs, the inhalation of one or other of these gases, or both in com-

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one not familiar with the disease, he appears to be on the point of death.

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In this respect it differs from pleuritis and pneumonitis.

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is, the pioneers who compose the early population in these places are per-

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ures of Treatment — Modes of Dying resolvable into Apnoea and Asthenia —

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The term signs, however, has come conventionally to be used in a different

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Sore Throat, Leucorrhea, and other Vaginal Diseases, Piles,

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engravings, and the superintendence of the press, but also in the

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the husband and father, they have a legacy far more precious than

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Sir Charles Bell long ^o inculcated the importance of the

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tinued delicate,, but a visit made to the Jersey Pines was of much

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normal substance of tissues, or fatty degeneration. In the elucidation of

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patient. Hopefulness and a strong will are curative agencies which are

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is one of three kinds ; it will suffice to notice these. In this countr}^, of

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peristalsis, diminishing the harshness, and at the same time increasing the" effectiveness of

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pancreas, kidneys. In the extremely rare instances in which acute inflam-

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