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symptoms were beginning to subside, but there was a small area
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skin-surface, and may tend to more or less pigmentation. Moderate
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cerebral embolism, small emboli being detached from the aortic area and
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Septic emboli enter the liver by means of the vascular system through
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of his own suggestion, resulting in his removal to the country and
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and very rarely, and only in small numbers, in leukocytosis. They
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anxiety is common, and dyspnea, the latter symptom assuming curious
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clear up in a few days, leaving little or no trace behind, the rule being
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mixed with blood from the bitten tongue. Urine is often, and feces occa-
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than any sanitary code or legal restrictions. Physicians cannot too
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both. A knowledge of the general physical condition of the
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At birth bleeding from the umbilicus may occur ; later, into the sub-
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pseudo-diphtheritic bacilli together with staphylococci and streptococci.
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Definition. — In this form of stomatitis the inflammation is more
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pulmonary circuit, as shown by cough and dyspnea), and finally an-
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instituted, and the latter will be found to be by no means rare, even
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these crises occur frequently and the kidney pelvis becomes more
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Symptoms. — The myxedematous condition is most plainly noted in
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of the aqueduct of Sylvius, immediately behind and in close connection
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often as large as a filbert-nut, and rarely as large as a hen's egg. They
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blamed for no longer remaining sponsor for it. Then for a short
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being extremely pale, with pinched face and the other classic
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aortic constriction, slight edema of the feet is common as a terminal
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follow the acute infectious diseases. Alcohol plays an unimportant role
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made of ovarian cyst with twisted pedicle. Patient consented to opera-
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greater frequency on the aortic than on the mitral valves. Thev are
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to the supervision of this department. He strongly emphasizes,
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to the Hospital and the Medical School, and who is also a mem-
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for some time after the paralysis subsides. Slight fatty degeneration
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chirata, gentian, asafetida, calumbo, and iron, together with graduated
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phied muscles, and consequently the course of the disease is more severe.
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acid are often beneficial ; or mild astringents may be needed, as ^ to 1
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predisposing infiuence, since cases are observed to succeed one another
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easily digestible, but leaving a moderate residue after digestion, are to

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