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solution upon the real nature of the thyroid function. Tavel and Garnier
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with acromegaly. Myxcedema has frequently been so mistaken. The
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quent influence of cold. The objection to pilocarpine (gr. iV ^ P*. ^) is that
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exceptionally true that one is justified in viewing the disease as practically
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case of a girl, aged fifteen years, the size of a girl of eight years, whose arrested
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be introduced as far up as the renal pelvis. The conditions which predispose
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Anemia. The hlooddow in the hand may he much less than normal
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«lii|i uitli 111,' '<ii|.i:imiiil ul.iii.N. yiviii- „fT a liiiiiiili to til.' Kupraii'iml u'lmtlli"". "Hi.
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of this \i,'« that a person after evercise ean hohl his lireath for a iTiiieli
criiiiiiials mIio liail liccn deeaiiitatcd irave the wciylil of the Mood as
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part being essential to the rest. I shall therefore
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runs a rapid course the anaemia soon becomes marked, and before death
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"stock/* should be taken in moderate amounts only. Gruels and simpler
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i.r>_'atiism. p.in ihi. ilemonst raMe s\ nlhi sis of an ester must not lie t.'ik-
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memory improves, the mind becomes clearer, endurance and initiative return
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l.ody \t'i!.'lit, l-"or this ri'ascni its dcli'iiiiinalioii is ai'i-rpti'd as an in-
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being described as running down the arm or up the neck toward the head.
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Tlics.. f;i,.|s .l.-s,.r\,. ;i ..,.|t,-iin an nl ,,f cnipliasis hc-aiis.. of tli,.;.
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its most striking character osteitis deformans. A better name may be
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just external to the left ureter. In such cases a positive diagnosis can usually
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If wc mill to the liasal heat |iriiiliictioii nf l.tlSd ( '. another KiS ( '. (nr
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iiiciiiiiian.' i., iiiiichcd .ilV an. I tin- casiii" Is then iMit a little iii.nc tli.i
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vary diirin<r the ditTerent jihases of resjiiration. If we iiear in mind that
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