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opinion in order to attract attention to its importance in future.

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Here is evidence that the " katzenjammer " was well

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organic and inorganic world ; and, tracing the various forms of life

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claimed him as her own. The factory six days in the

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action of moisture and of urine, etc.) are almost always confined to

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It has been argued against bleeding in this malady that the convul-

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Presidents : Dr. Druitt and Dr. Morgan. Secretaries : Anthony Bell,

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the same moment as the ribs are depressed, and bulges when they rise.

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performing it, and to indicate that which I prefer.

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have been long superseded by better. It would also prevent many

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The modern modes of extracting cataract are less frequently followed

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M.D. ; L. E. Desmond, M.D. ; W. Hall, L.R.C.P.Ed. ; W Howitt'

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whatever, onl}- watching them in case it should become needful to

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Having shown the manner in which avian tuberculosis behaves

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invites a se faire inscrire, pour le sen'ice medical de la garde nationale

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50. One quart of i per cent, salt solution was hypodermically injected,

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Post-mortem Examination. — The subcutaneous fascia was found to be

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attack was sudden, or nearly so; the first (the second I did not witness

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Dr. Meryon then entered into the inquiry relative to the special

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fact, and this was distinct and abrupt on the day after the treatment

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dates for the recent appointment to speak positively on them, but he

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the cardiac dulness extended unusually high up on the left side of the

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L'r. George Johnson, after a few valedictory remarks, resigned the

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tral bone. These, with the bones to which they correspond in mam-

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was afterwards touched with dilute tincture of iodine and covered with

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(Acvaghosa), the second, who was the grand minister,

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if we see that the causes of the phenomena that we are

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13th, the urine was found to be very albuminous ; the tongue coated ; and

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tion of the Medical Acts Amendment Bill, and stated that Dr. Waters,

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animal became somewhat quieter, and groaned and sweated less,

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Ofihce at Padua, was no less an Ornament to it than

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consideration and forethought can devise will be wanting to ensure their

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the three stages of haemoglobinuria experimentally produced. Spontane-

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Peters, and after him others, showed that division of the median

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alarming, and explain the \'iew so often taken by owners, dealers, and

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cured, without subsequent necrosis and without complication, by

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I thoroughly thinned the inner heel, sole, bars, and posterior

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the patients who have been afiected with pericarditis. These amount

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mitral valve, more particularly the principal, were thickened, shortened,

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