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According to some observers, the infection in certain outbreaks is derived

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receiver. Read the barometer at the beginning and the end of the

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Varieties of typhus fever. — Numerous varieties have been

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itself." Before the first aspiration Dr. Morrison made stereo-

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marked leukocytosis except with compKcations is never seen

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ened until the back of the head comes into contact witli the

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b. Reading. Observe every tube for clearing of the supernatant

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"Resolved, That, in view of the present condition of medical

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tion (1) into logarithmic form by taking the logarithms of both

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ored (oxidized state) to the leuco form (reduced state). The pro-

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times be found of service, along with or in place of alcohol, such as ammonia,

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again set in, expelling a living child, in head presentation, at the

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place subcutaneously, intraperitoneally, or intravenously, etc. Instead

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eral pipe and are filled by a gradual inflow of water, and when filled, at certain regulated

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having once got the animal to withstand a dose of strong virus, it may

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attack may manifest itself from the outset, but severe systemic symptoms

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later 2 liters more were aspirated and again in ten days 1| liters.

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be one of liberality toward the Board, to the end that the people of New Hampshire

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tain glandular organs, such as the thyroid ; and it is generally assumed that

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has been no ele\'ation of temperature in the past four days,

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phenomena, such as coma, delirium, and convulsions. It is possible that

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the physician to a careful scrutiny of this possibility. Similarly, in the

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hernia. There was very little at this time worthy of comment.

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of medical importance— primarily the members of the

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and the "Bellevue Medical College" have become corporations,

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streptococci, and even other organisms. A morbid process which can be caused

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methylene blue. Solution A in that case may be prepared as follows :

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final dilution of the pollen extract is required as in preceding

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whatever may be the clinical prejudice. Any inflammatory infection may end in this

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is incubated in a stoppered tube or 25 ml flask over-

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water. A temperature of 50°-65° C. is recommended. Several

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Curative treatment. — No specific for smallpox has yet been dis-

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portions of the acini. Such as are left of the liver cells must be looked for at the

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