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and sclerotic had taken place during the operation,
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opium had failed to do so. But this, I beUeve, is the
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glottis remaining erect ; and he therefore infen-ed
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cess, and so on in every capillary vessel subjected to
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to have lost some portion of its activity ; the pheno-
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i. e., a not-jwsi state. This malady is an effect or
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rise when the coffee was left off, or become diminished
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differens (aneurysm of the aorta, contraction of the subclavian artery
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of iodine and iodide solutions administered by the mouth passed
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The rays of the sun become more direct, the heat and
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treated in Fleisclunann's Homceopatliic Hospital at
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ternally and externally. If this treatment succeed,
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stant observing, the ej'e might acquire a knowledge
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In Ulustration of the behaviour of the conical cer-
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any athletic exercise, will, if he be at the same time
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the distinction between signs indicative of coming in-
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ferent conditions. ParentheticaUy, I do not hesitate
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.Johnson, Dr. G., pathology and treatment of cholera,
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in our temperate climate ; and that it is only in un-
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the apparently strong and robust man so easily suc-
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had given some account of the phenomena of coUapse.
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dilierent system must inevitably be introduced for all
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has added to its lustre. It is with pleasure that we
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The treatment must address itself to the cause of the condition, to
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tion would account for the majority ; at aU events,
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is very energetic in its action on the human system^
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of having passed the examination satisfactorily were
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of weight at all was observed in the oil exposed in
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tion. It was soon seen, however, that the paradoxic pulse occurs
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ration and was em-oUed under the royal sanction, it
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nary shape. Dr. Heyfelder concluded that the tumour
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the Medical Times and Gazette for September 9th, 1865,
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comprised in the two others according to the form of
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Hospital, in the room of the late J. C. Ferguson, M.B.
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these cases it is necessary to substitute some other cardiac stimu-
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left the cornea permanently opaque; but he presented
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mulants, external heat, etc.; but he never rallied,
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despondency, cold feet, easily excited perspirations,
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our conviction that such is the case ; and, while none
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tion of treatment, the author showed that dilatation
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confined to bed by the original disease. Where the process develops
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in the Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science,
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of treatment, but mostlywitli opium, having been more
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