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" The anterior half of the cranium was removed on a level with

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dren delivered has been eighty-five, and seen at request of Dr. W. L. Dunn, of

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TtlB NORTH GAROl>INA MEDIGAU SO- fession here arrange, and always arrange

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and her respirations slower ; and those around her expected her

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about the face and neck of a very decided character.

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ver. The German phrase, abdominal typhus, is every way pre-

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the percentage of affected hogs increases as the disease be-

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tensity of the sound on the suspected sulci running between, and the placenta is

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ication received the attention of the Acad- drate is dissolved giving a reddish-brown

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Yellow fever, and from the nature of the disease, the inference is

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she was seen by M. Picot; after three days, small vesicles

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pair of forceps, and drawn forward so as to make it tense ; the.

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almost literally, of nothing but rice and a little Tat? [Ed.

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the tip of the appendix, and death in a few In the first stage of appendicitis we have

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Pathogenesis. — This organism is pathogenic for rabbits, guinea pig»

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ted; but this much I will say, that by adopting this classification, I

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United States and to have first appeared west of the Alle-

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administered to 26 patients in this hospital : 13 cases of

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